Madagascar: Manompana corridor, Soanierana-Ivongo District


The Soanierana-Ivongo District is located on the Eastern Coast of Madagascar. The forest between the Reserve Speciale Ambahatovaky and Biosphere Reserve Mananara Nord act as a corridor for flora and fauna. Within the site area, cash crops such as cloves, vanilla and coffee are grown as well as traditional production of upland rice for subsistence.


The vast majority of the population in the Manompana area is the Betsimisaraka ethnic group, who account for 10.9% of the total population of Madagascar. This group is divided into “Southern and Northern” Betsimisaraka. Amongst the other ethnic groups present in the villages, are other groups of the Eastern Coast (Antemoro, Tsimihety, Bezanozano) and groups from the Highlands, especially Betsileo but also Merina.



In the Manompana region, endangered species such as the hairy-eared dwarf lemurs and some newly discovered tree species of the genus Weinmannia can be found. The greatest threat to these littoral forests is over exploitation and slash-and-burn practices used for upland rice and cash crops.


The Landscape Mosaics Project directly collaborates with Association Intercooperation Madagascar (AIM), a local NGO, and Intercooperation (IC) in the implementation of the project at the Manompana site. Partner projects, KoloAla Manompana (KAM) managed by AIM and FORECA (Forêts engagées pour le carbone) managed by Intercooperation, are active in the same site.


Jean-Laurent Pfund, Site Leader (CIFOR)

Lina Raharisoavelohanta
, Director of AIM

Onésime Rapanoel
, Program officer in charge of the KAM project (AIM)
Jürg Brand (DEC)
, KAM Technical assistant
Andriantsialonina Nomenjanahary Andriamanandratra
, Local coordinator (KAM)
Jean Claude Romuale Randrianarison
, Forester (KAM)
Rufin Maheva
, Socio-economist (KAM)

Zora Urech and Mihajamanana Rabenilalana (PhD students)


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