Cameroon: Takamanda-Mone


The Takamanda-Mone Landscape, encompassing the Forest Reserves of Takamanda, and Mone, is located near the Nigerian border in Southwest Cameroon. The landscape is a legal entity called the Takamanda Mone Technical Operations Unit (TOU), coordinated by the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna. The Takamanda is no longer a Forest Reserve, since 2008 has been upgraded to a National Park, while the Mone Forest Reserve is still a production forest. At the eastern edge of the TOU, the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary is being established, while in the centre of the TOU, a Forest Management Unit has recently been allocated.


The Takamanda-Mone landscape is relatively ethnically homogenous and is home to the Anyang tribe, whose spoken language is Denya. The project will work with communities in three villages, Takamanda, Assam and Mukuyong near to the two forest reserves.




The natural environment of the Takamanda-Mone landscape is populated by a vast array of species, including an isolated population of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla. Also other mammals present in the area are the Nigerian chimpanzee, drill, Preuss’s Guenon, as well as the forest elephant and buffalo. Within the Takamanda Forest Reserve 313 species of bird have been counted. The greatest threat facing species in the park, especially the Cross River Gorilla, is habitat fragmentation from deforestation and infrastructure developments. * In addition, hunting is also problematic for conservation efforts in the reserve.


A formal partnership funded by the German development bank (KFW) including WCS, GTZ, DED and WWF are working on a land-use plan for the TOU. Our research will directly contribute to this on-going planning process. The Landscape Mosaics team in Cameroon will also work with Forest Resources for People (FOREP), a national NGO based in Limbe, in implementing the project along with relevant government authorities.


Nathalie van Vliet, Terry Sunderland (CIFOR)
Stella Asaha
Hyacinth Mboh
(Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection)


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* From Comiskey, J.A., T.C.H. Sunderland, and J.L. Sunderland-Groves, eds. (2003) Takamanda: the Biodiversity of an African Rainforest, SI/MAB Series #8. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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